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Insider Ideas’ main focus is to post about companies where there is good alignment of financial incentives between insiders (generally management/directors) and ordinary investors. 

Sometimes we will post timely pieces following share purchases by company insiders/directors. Company insiders may sell stock for all sorts of reasons, but they tend to buy for one reason alone - because they think the stock is going up. This doesn’t mean that they are always right, but the presence of recent insider buys can be very helpful in improving investors’ odds of being successful buying a given stock.

Sometimes we will post on companies where there is high insider ownership and aligned incentives, irrespective of whether there have been supportive insider transactions recently.

All posts are merely expressions of personal opinion and not to be taken as investment advice. Contributors to Insider Ideas will often have positions in the ideas discussed, and may be biased.

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Insider Ideas' main focus is to publish about companies where there is good alignment of financial incentives between the insiders/management and ordinary investors. Such alignment tends to lead to better outcomes for shareholders. Paid subs only $45 pa


Stock ideas backed up by buying from company insiders (board directors, senior execs etc)